Take a to stand still, watch, listen,
think, reflect, decide, and then take action.


Frictions have always been, and will always be, present in organisations. At any place where people meet, beautiful and less beautiful stories appear.

The inability to communicate, and even more so, to listen, often form the base for conflicts.  A non-judgemental attitude, as well as being compassionate towards one-self and the other, is what we strive for; often only possible once emotions have settled.

Wisdom of life has made me move towards a more preventative approach: stimulating an openness to conversation. How?  Inducing the cardinal virtues to enlighten the issue and allow the essence to surface:

  • prudence: the use of ratio
  • courage: the right form of inspiration and indignation
  • temperance: the ability to restrain yourself by accepting your needs and emotions insofar as they serve you
  • justice: ensuring that everybody gets his place.


Methodology used: bringing people together in a conversation, preferably before the situation escalates. This entails specifically:

  • to allow the involved parties to tell their own story,
  • to practice listening,
  • to give room to both the content and the emotions; ultimately defining a way forward together.


accredited mediator – Federale Bemiddelingscommissie - Belgium


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