Take a to stand still, watch, listen,
think, reflect, decide, and then take action.


Coaching is the facilitation of a conversation that wants to be held: a conversation with yourself, with colleagues, possibly a conversation in an even wider environment. The challenge is to listen to the question that the coachee brings; in doing so a path reveals itself, leading to a elucidation that does justice to the question.

What I bring to the table : being present, listening, encouraging people to explore their path, offering alternative perspectives, mirroring, ... Ultimately, it's the coachee's freedom to decide, I respect their action.

My aim is to be in the moment without judgment. I choose my method to suit the situation and trust the process, allowing me to feel empowered.

What you can expect:

  • Any question and any issue is welcome. It's my conviction that the person embodies the answer, and that it will reveal itself. This conviction permits me to move freely and without constraint
  • Feeling connected is imperative. Feeling connected allows my clients to accept and appreciate my style - a style that is often described as rather direct and no nonsense.
  • When confronted with my own limitations, I can trust in a network of reliable colleagues.


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