Take a to stand still, watch, listen,
think, reflect, decide, and then take action.

Focus on Influence

You know what you want, it’s clear in your mind, you see all advantages for the organisations…. yet, you won’t achieve success on your own!  What about your network ? How do you involve them ?

Focus on Influence is all about increasing one’s flexibility in the use of influence behaviour.

Letting personal skills mature, influencing others with integrity, daring to look in the mirror which is offered, putting together your own practice programme …: these are just a few of the ingredients which provide the flavour for this programme.

The emphasis during the programme is on experimenting with and practicing new behaviour. The emphasis lies, after all, on the development of a very personal and unique style of influence. A balance between thinking and doing, harmony between action and reflection: it is and remains an exciting learning process

A theoretical framework is introduced by means of brief inputs. This provides insight and offers support during the exercises. Participants who taste what is on offer end up with well-grounded insight into the processes and their own way of influencing others. They can apply a practical and simple model which facilitates thinking and talking about influence behaviour.

Depending on the scale, I use extra trainers. Each trainer works with small groups of at most six individuals. This allows for a very personal approach. Anybody who wishes to do so can request a brief personal coaching session.

Practical information: contact us or surf to Focus on Influence.

Data :  

  • 25 – 28 november 2019 (fully booked)
  • 25 – 28 may 2020
  • 19 – 22 october 2020

Venue: De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren

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